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va-Q-tec, as a pioneer in the vacuum insulation sector, develops innova­tive insulation solutions for various industrial applications. The products based on vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) offer a high insulation effect, enormously reduced insulation thickness and a modular design for a very wide range of sizes and shapes. They are particularly advantageous if there is only little space available for the insulation and nevertheless, very good thermal insulation is required. All va-Q-tec products are the result of intensive development work. They offer our customers crucial added-value and provide answers to basic societal demands such as energy efficiency. The high product quality, controlled by the globally unique, patented va-Q-check® system, makes possible the reliable usage of this durable, highly efficient vacuum insulation.

The possible applications for our insulation technology are very varied. Vacuum insulation panels make it possible to maintain cold and hot temperatures constant, to save space and to reduce energy consump­tion significantly.

  • Hot water storage
    Tanks, boilers, heat pumps
  • Industrial installations
    Heat shields, enclosures for valves, tanks
  • Piping
    District heating, process heating and cooling, drinking water

Advantages of VIPs in Technics & Industry

  • Highest thermal insulation performance
  • Cost-efficient solution
  • Highest functionality and safety
  • Available in various shapes and geometries
  • Reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • More usable area due to low insulation thickness
  • Durable and manufactured to the highest quality standards “Made in Germany”

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