High-Tech Temperature Controlled Transport Solutions for the Food Industry

When transporting food, a safe and uninterrupted cold chain is of the utmost importance as various standards and legal regulations must be met during shipment, and safe consumption must be guaranteed. 

Thermal Boxes

With our innovative thermal boxes, a wide variety of foods, such as dough and other bakery products, fruits and vegetables, and meat and fish, can be shipped at constant temperatures without an external supply of energy. Our thermal boxes are specially adapted to the requirements and needs of the food industry: they are easy to clean, stackable, and food safe. 


Advantages of our vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) inside our thermal boxes:

  • High level of reliability
  • Minimum temperature loss
  • Optimal temperature distribution
  • Space, weight, and energy saving solution
  • Improved energy balance
  • Reduced energy consumption and reduction of carbon footprint
  • Long service life
  • In-house production and development of the key components (PCM) and systems

More information on vacuum insulation solutions in the Food sector:

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