Application Examples for Food

Application Examples for Food

Bakery Raisch

The Raisch bakery, a family-run business from Calw in Baden-Württemberg, has been using va-Q-tray boxes to transport various baked goods, such as cream cakes, snack items, and food from the cold kitchen, since 2020. By using the passive solution from va-Q-tec, the transport of baked goods to the 28 branches of the company is smoother and more efficient than with the previously used conventional EPS box.

Maximilian Raisch, World Bread Champion 2018 and one of the managing directors of Raisch Bakery, is primarily responsible for production and logistics. He spoke to va-Q-tec about the uses and advantages of the va-Q-tray.
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Whitepaper: “Solutions for safe and efficient food supply chains”


Legal requirements concerning material and cold chain and practical benefits through design and size – the demands on means of transport in food logistics are increasing. Conventional transport solutions, however, have hardly been developed further in recent years and offer little security. At the same time, the issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important: emissions and waste are to be reduced without causing additional costs.

This whitepaper provides information on the following aspects of food logistics:

  • Legal requirements
  • Practical challenges
  • Innovative thermal transport solutions

Bakery Peter Schmitt

The “Bakery Peter Schmitt”, a regional, medium-sized family business from Reiterswiesen in Lower Franconia, is now using the new and innovative va-Q-tray. The managing director, Johannes Schmitt, previously looked for a long time to find a solution for maintaining constant cooling when transporting frozen baked goods. Although the entire baking industry is struggling with this problem, there is no solution that meets all requirements.

We spoke with Managing Director Johannes Schmitt about the requirements for the cold chain in bakeries and his expectations to the va-Q-tec product.

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Kullmann’s Diner

Kullman’s Diner restaurants located in Würzburg use the innovative transport box va-Q-tray for their catering services. Due to the optimal insulation with high-tech vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) the thermo-system box is able to hold temperatures in the range of -30 °C to +70 °C for several hours – perfect for catering at sports events or other events where temperature holding time, flexibility and easy handling is crucial. Higher temperatures are also possible for shorter periods of time.

In this interview Karin Feucht (Managing Director) and Matthias Bläske (Head of Design & Marketing) report about their experiences with the va-Q-tray in catering applications.

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Project TEC50

The mid-sized enterprises KMW Kühlmöbelwerk Limburg GmbH and Skill Software GmbH from Frankfurt/Main have joined forces with va-Q-tec to make the refrigerated cabinets in supermarkets more energy efficient in a collaborative project. The aim of the TEC50 project was to reduce the energy consumption of two cooling cabinet prototypes by 50% each.

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