va-Q-pad -26G

Product description

Phase change materials, also known as latent heat storage materials, absorb heat during melting and release it again during crystallization/freezing. This allows the required storage temperature to be maintained for the duration of transport. Heat or cold entering the transport container is absorbed by the PCM during the phase transition from solid to liquid and vice versa.


While the use of water is limited by its melting point of 0°C, the va-Q-pads work within a standard temperature range of -65°C to +70°C thanks to the use of special paraffins and salts. There are also other customer-specific solutions.

As a rule, the innovative PCM technology enables the use of a universal va-Q-pad configuration for all seasons and climate zones. However, customer-specific solutions are possible as well. Possible areas of application are the temperature control of pharmaceuticals, biotech products, blood bags, etc.

Properties of va-Q-pad -26G