va-Q-vip Floor

With an up to 10 x better insulation performance than conventional insulation materials, already 35 mm thick VIPs insulate according to the building regulation EnEV 2014/4b for rooms located underneath exterior surfaces. va-Q-tec developed the high-tech insulation system va-Q-vip Floor especially for this application area. The core material of the vacuum insulation panels of va-Q-vip Floor is a microporous insulation material based on fumed silica and 100 % recyclable. By using the highly efficient VIPs, heat or cold and thus energy loss can be strongly reduced. The va-Q-vip Floor insulation system is available in 40 mm, 50 mm or 60 mm thickness. The panels are equipped with a high pressure resistant 17 mm PIR insulation board on the upper side and a 3 mm rubber mat on the bottom.

Thanks to the special va-Q-seam foil folding technique, the VIPs have smooth corners and edges. Therefore, the individual elements can be put together almost seamlessly and thermal bridges are reduced to a minimum. 6 different formats of rectangular panels are produced as standard sizes. Special shapes (trapezoid, triangle, corner section) are available on request. The VIPs cannot be cut on site due to the vacuum. The connection insulation in edge areas is therefore completed on site by the flexible, cut-to-size, high-pressure resistant PIR insulation panel of the system. PU adhesive foam is available for fixing the system to the substrate. In addition, special aluminum adhesive tape is offered for on-site installation, which fixes the insulation boards and prevents contaminants from penetrating into the joint area.

Advantages of va-Q-vip Floor

  • Particularly suitable for balconies, terraces and flat roofs
  • Available as a complete system
  • Barrier-free traffic areas
  • Smooth edges and no foil overlaps because of patented va-Q-seam technology
  • Additional protection against mechanical damage
  • Various standard sizes on stock
  • Long lifetime due to optimized panel design
  • 100 % quality control with the patented gas pressure measurement system (va-Q-check)
  • Sustainable product (recyclable core material)

Properties of va-Q-vip Floor


Color : silver with black and beige-coloured surfaces

Density : 180 – 210 according to DIN EN 1602 [kg/m³]

temperature resistance : -70 – 80 °C (kurzzeitig bis 120 °C) °C

gasinnendruck_bei_auslieferung : ≤ 5 mbar (bei Auslieferung) mbar

heat transfer coefficient (U-Wert) : 0,22 (Dicke = 20 mm) [W/(m²*K)]

Other features

Dimensions & tolerances :

spec. heat capacity : 800 - 1000 (bei Raumtemperatur) [J/kg*K]

pressure limitation : ≥ 150 kPa bei 10 % Stauchung nach DIN EN 826 [kPa]

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