va-Q-shield PRO

va-Q-shield PRO is a microporous vacuum insulation board based
on fumed silica. In addition, it is provided with a special protective
fabric which results in optimal fire resistance. va-Q-shield PRO can
be produced in various forms without additional processes in a fully
automated production process. This means that standard flat forms,
three-dimensional forms or foldable variants, shapes with recesses or
completely individualized configurations can be produced. Due to this
high shape flexibility va-Q-shield PRO can be used in a
wide variety of applications, even complex applications:
Among other things, in applications where very good
thermal insulation properties and the highest standards
of fire protection are required.

Advantages of va-Q-shield PRO

  • Thermal conductivity (λ10 °C): ≤ 0.0035 W/mK
  • Low insulation thickness increases the usable space
  • Available in different shapes and geometries
  • Durable insulation performance
  • Production according to the highest quality standards

Properties of va-Q-shield PRO


Color : light grey

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