va-Q-pro is an advancement of the va-Q-plus vacuum insulation panel and therefore our most developed VIP based on a fumed silica powder. Our va-Q-pro, which is produced in a fully automatized production process, can be produced in various shapes and forms without any additional processes. Next to the standardized flat panels, va-Q-pro can be produced in three-dimensional shapes, in foldable boxes, in shapes with cut-outs and in even more versions. Due to its high flexibility of shapes, va-Q-pro can be used in various application fields, e.g. for insulation of electric batteries, in thermal boxes and containers, for airplane wall insulation, in refrigerators and water boilers.

Advantages of va-Q-pro

  • Our of our most advanced vacuum insulation panel
  • Various and flexible shapes available
  • Very long service life
  • Recyclable (core material)

Properties of va-Q-pro


Details : Best insulation value over the entire lifetime for insulation panels based on fumed silica
Huge flexibility in shape and appearance (3D-panel, cut-outs, foldable shapes, etc.) due to our specifically engineered production process
Temperature resistant up to 100°C, temporary up to 130 °C
Long lifetime because of optimized panel designs
100 % quality control with the patented gas pressure measurement system (va-Q-check)
Sustainable product (recyclable core material)

Color : silver

Density : 165 - 230 kg/m³ after DIN EN 1602 [kg/m³]

temperature resistance : - 75 – 100 °C (temporary upto 130 ° C)

Internal gas pressure at delivery : < 7 mbar (at delivery)

Gas pressure rise : < 5 mbar/year (d = 15 mm)

heat transfer coefficient (U-Wert) : 0,18 W/(m²∙K) (d = 20 mm) [W/(m²*K)]

Other features

Dimensions & tolerances :

spec. heat capacity : 0,8 kJ/kgK (at room temperature) [J/kg*K]

pressure limitation : ca. 120 kPa bei 10 % Stauchung nach DIN EN 826 [kPa]

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