The va-Q-case Half Euro is the ideal passive high performance container for international transport of pharmaceutical products. The reliable performance of this container saves costs and simplifies the handling and transport in demanding environments. Thanks to pay-per-use rental and customizable service delivery, the va-Q-case Half Euro eases the daily work of clinical trial managers worldwide. The va-Q-case Half Euro has base size of half an Euro pallet and is fork-stackable. The award-winning vacuum insulation panels enable a smooth transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and biotechnological goods worldwide.

Advantages of va-Q-case

  • Door-to-door solution for an unbroken TempChain
  • Qualified performance without payload: True 230h and more
  • 7 qualified temperature ranges for shipments from -70 °C to +20 °C available (as low as -50 °C without dry ice)
  • Payload volume: Half Euro pallet
  • Smooth and cost saving operations: “ready to load & go” for rental containers
  • High energy efficiency enables low CO₂ emissions, product carbon footprint calculations are available
  • Designed for multi-use: Re-qualification of rental containers with va-Q-check® secures day-one-validation
  • Produced in a global carbon neutral company, Technology “MADE IN GERMANY”
  • TempChain Service Software: Centralized management of the entire TempChain logistics process

Properties of va-Q-case


va-Q-case 1/2 Euro

Payload : 96 l

Outer dimension (L x W x H) : 800 x 600 x 800 mm

Inner dimension (L x W x H) : 605 x 340 x 470 mm

va-Q-case 1/2 Euro Dry Ice

va-Q-tec summer

Performance : ≥ 192 Std

KelvinHours : ≥ 17280 Khrs

va-Q-case 1/2 Euro -26G

va-Q-tec controlled summer

Performance : > 144 Std

KelvinHours : ≥ 6480 Khrs

va-Q-tec extreme summer

Performance : ≥ 121 Std

KelvinHours : n.a.

va-Q-case 1/2 Euro -21G

va-Q-tec summer

Performance : > 120 Std

KelvinHours : > 6012 Khrs

va-Q-case 1/2 Euro +05G

va-Q-tec summer

Performance : > 168 Std

KelvinHours : > 4267 Khrs

va-Q-tec winter

Performance : ≥ 142 Std

KelvinHours : ≤ -696 Khrs

va-Q-case 1/2 Euro +18G/+23G

va-Q-tec summer

Performance : ≥ 157 Std

KelvinHours : ≥ 1633 Khrs

va-Q-tec winter

Performance : ≥ 168 Std

KelvinHours : ≤ -3343 Khrs

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