va-Q-box achieves excellent insulation performance due to vacuum insulation technology which is also used in the spaceflight. Vacuum insulation panels are installed in all walls, in the lid and floor. This creates a large “box-shaped thermos bottle”. These panels offer ten times higher thermal insulation than traditional insulation materials of the same thickness. Thus va-Q-box ensures temperature stability of sensitive transport goods worldwide – without external energy.

Advantages of va-Q-box

  • va-Q-accus available in 4 temperature ranges from -32°C - 25°C
  • Easy-to-clean food-safe interior
  • Ultra-light-weight body with special Shock Absorber Technology cushions falls
  • High-performance insulation integrated in the body for optimal thermal insulation
  • Resits loads of up to 150 kg
  • Can be loaded with up to 70 kg
  • Air Seal assures a constant temperature for many days
  • Reaching in for easy opening
  • Automatically folding carry handles

Properties of va-Q-box

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