The va-Q-pal is a cost efficient fully VIP-controlled pallet shipper. It has a high performance and is qualified according to ISTA 7Dwith a potential for a second life. The va-Q-pal is ideal for various purposes such as “non-return destinations”, special freight, destinations where return takes time, and for upgrading capacity for high-performance shipments. The va-Q-pal is available in temperature ranges from -25°C to +25°C. It is very robust due to an outer carton honeycomb structure. The material can be fully recycled and makes the va-Q-pal green and sustainable.

Advantages of va-Q-pal

  • Designed for door-to-door transport to remote locations
  • Qualified performance with minimum payload according to ISTA 7D (summer & winter profile): True 96h and more
  • 3 qualified temperature ranges from -25 °C (without dry ice) to +25 °C available
  • PMC pallet optimized: 4 pallets with 4 va-Q-pal
  • Smooth and cost saving operation: Available as assembly kit (with intuitive design & all-season packout) or as “ready to load & go”
  • Advanced passive technology & dry ice free: High energy efficiency & low CO2 Emission
  • Ready for a second life: re-qualification with va-Q-check® and re-use of components is possible
  • Core Components & Technology “MADE IN GERMANY”

Properties of va-Q-pal



Payload : 1654 l

Outer dimension (L x W x H) : 56.73 x 47.72 x 61.61 inch

Inner dimension (L x W x H) : 49.61 x 40.59 x 50.12 inch

va-Q-pal -21G

ISTA 7D summer

Performance : ≥ 82 hrs

KelvinHours : ≥ 4075 Khrs

va-Q-pal +05G

ISTA 7D summer

Performance : ≥ 95 hrs

KelvinHours : ≥ 2394 Khrs

ISTA 7D winter

Performance : ≥ 120 hrs

KelvinHours : n.a.

va-Q-pal +22G

ISTA 7D summer

Performance : ≥ 120 hrs

KelvinHours : ≥ 1176 Khrs

ISTA 7D winter

Performance : ≥ 92 hrs

KelvinHours : ≤ -1362 Khrs

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