va-Q-mic EN

Beschreibung, Aufbau, Materialgüte, Abhängigkeit Brandklassifikation/Belüftungssystem, Bestellhinweise, Lieferumfang

Advantages of va-Q-mic EN

Properties of va-Q-mic EN


Color: silver

Density: 220 after DIN EN 1602 [kg/m³]

temperature resistance: -70 to +60 °C (limited by the film) °C

Gas pressure rise : < 5 mbar/year (at thickness = 14 mm, room temperature) mbar

heat transfer coefficient (U-Wert): 0,25 (at thickness = 14 mm) [W/(m²*K)]

Other features

Dimensions & tolerances:

spec. heat capacity: 1,01 (at room temperature) [J/kg*K]

pressure limitation: approximately 120 kPa at 10 % compression [kPa]

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