va-Q-accu -32G

General information

Envelope material and colour: HDPE,


Bottle cap: Plug, Al-film and cover

Filling and colour: Special PCM

material, orange

Melting / Solid point: -32 °C

Heat capacity: 2.95 kg/(kg.K)

Latent heat: 243 kJ/kg

Boiling point: >100 °C

Inflammation point: N/A

Option: Temperature display

Application: Transport of deep frozen

products etc.

Dimensions and weight

va-Q-accu 02L-32G

- Article No.: AK000016

- Dimensions: 165 mm x 88 mm x 20 mm (h)

- Weight: 0.28 kg

va-Q-accu 10L-32G

- Article No.: AK000022

- Dimensions: 210 mm x 160 mm x 41 mm (h)

- Weight: 1.4 kg

va-Q-accu 27L-32G

- Article No.: AK000032

- Dimensions: 470 mm x 275 mm x 35 mm (h)

- Weight: 4.5 kg

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