In addition to an outstanding thermal   conductivity of 0.0035 W/mK, the va-Q-pro features two- and three dimensional free forms of Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs). In combination with   the   automated   manufacturing   process, these   free   forms are unique on the market.  The va-Q-pro technology has enormous flexibility when it comes to panel design, with a multitude of variations available including circular shapes, angled 3D formats, folding boxes, cut-outs, and passthroughs. When combined with conventional rectangular VIPs, such as va-Q-plus, these technologies can provide energy-efficient high-performance insulation even where application circum-stances are complex. Specific examples include the insulation of vehicles, aircrafts, refrigeration units, machinery systems, thermal boxes, and hot water tanks.

Advantages of va-Q-pro

  • Achieving the highest energy efficiency classes by reducing energy losses
  • Maximization of VIP surface coverage through customized design
  • Exceptional insulation performance due to thermal conductivity (10 °C) of ≤ 0.0035 W/mK
  • Without any product or process changes on the part of the client
  • Customized development of tailor-made solutions through holistic consulting (simulations, test center, etc.)

Properties of va-Q-pro


Details : Best insulation value over the entire lifetime for insulation panels based on fumed silica
Huge flexibility in shape and appearance (3D-panel, cut-outs, foldable shapes, etc.) due to our specifically engineered production process
Temperature resistant up to 100°C, temporary up to 130 °C
Long lifetime because of optimized panel designs
100 % quality control with the patented gas pressure measurement system (va-Q-check)
Sustainable product (recyclable core material)

Color : silver

Density : 165 - 230 kg/m³ after DIN EN 1602 [kg/m³]

temperature resistance : - 75 – 100 °C (temporary upto 130 ° C)

Internal gas pressure at delivery : < 7 mbar (at delivery)

Gas pressure rise : < 5 mbar/year (d = 15 mm)

heat transfer coefficient (U-Wert) : 0,18 W/(m²∙K) (d = 20 mm) [W/(m²*K)]

Other features

Dimensions & tolerances :

spec. heat capacity : 0,8 kJ/kgK (at room temperature) [J/kg*K]

pressure limitation : ca. 120 kPa bei 10 % Stauchung nach DIN EN 826 [kPa]

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