va-Q-tec provides several hundred boxes for Corona diagnosis

va-Q-tec makes a valuable contribution to the fight against the corona virus (COVID-19) in Asia. Rapid and reliable diagnostics are necessary in order to provide adequate treatment for patients as quickly as possible. A biotech company from Singapore has now developed a diagnostic kit that can detect an infection with the virus within two days. These kits must be transported at a maximum temperature of -15°C.

va-Q-tec supports by delivering several hundred va-Q-proof and va-Q-med boxes at short notice, which can safely maintain the temperature range from -15 to -25°C for  160 hours and more. The boxes are used for local distribution as well as for deliveries of the diagnostic kits from Singapore to China, Malaysia and the Philippines.

va-Q-tec’s product portfolio is particularly suitable for the challenging, warm and humid climatic conditions in Asia. They not only reliably keep the valuable cargo within the requested temperature range, but can be reused many times which makes them cost-efficient and green.