va-Q-tec presents with va-Q-patch especially energy-efficient hot water tank insulation

va-Q-tec presents the next generation of hot water tank insulation materials in a webinar on November 4 and 5, 2020. The va-Q-patch is a new insulation system that provides optimum insulation for tanks, installations and pipelines in addition to various types of storage tanks. The installation of va-Q-patch is very uncomplicated. The materials used also guarantee long term optimum thermal insulation.

Especially the insulation of hot water tanks has a decisive influence on the overall efficiency of a heating system. Weak insulation leads to heavy energy losses and thus to high costs for the end user. Efficient insulation and thus low energy losses can only be achieved with conventional materials by increasing the thickness of the insulation layer and thus at the expense of valuable living space. In addition, there are physical-technical limits. An innovative solution are va-Q-tec’s high-performance insulation systems va-Q-shell and va-Q-patch, which are based on vacuum insulation panels (VIPs). These insulate ten times stronger than conventional insulation materials. This means that less space is required for the insulation layer and energy efficiency classes A or even A+ are achieved.

The high-performance insulation system va-Q-shell has already been successfully established on the market for the subsequent insulation of large hot water tanks: This is an extremely high-performance insulation system for thermal storage tanks with a very good energy efficiency label. The system consists of vacuum insulation panels foamed in polyurethane. It is supplied in two half-shells, which are easily assembled around the tank using an innovative tongue and groove system and then fixed in place. This ensures a perfect fit and convective decoupling of the tank from its surroundings.

Even more flexible in installation is va-Q-patch: This is a laminated VIP, which is completely encased by a robust, approx. 2mm thick polyethylene foam (PE). This serves as a protective layer against mechanical stress and unwanted humidity. If required, the PE layers contain self-adhesive films for easy installation. In this case, the high-performance insulation material is applied directly to the tank wall as an additional vacuum insulation layer. Then the conventional, existing fleece layer or outer shell is placed over it again and fixed. The optional grooved embossing of the VIP offers a maximum of flexibility, so that va-Q-patch can be installed easily and quickly to the already existing insulation of hot water storage tanks, industrial tanks and systems as well as pipelines. Thus, even in older systems, the energy efficiency can be improved in a cost-effective, fast and uncomplicated way. For new storage tanks, va-Q-patch can be used to achieve the energy efficiency label in the highest class A or A+. It is available in different sizes, widths and thicknesses. Special formats on customer request are also possible.