va-Q-tec launches B2B online shop of its purchase high-tech solutions

April 28th marks the opening of va-Q-tec’s new online shop. This will enable the company to offer its clients in the B2B environment the opportunity to purchase its products and various accessories for the safe and reliable handling of temperature-controlled supply chains conveniently and quickly. With intuitive guidance through the ordering process, users are presented with all the information they need clearly presented, saving them time and money.  

The launch of the new online store made various boxes available for the pharmaceutical and food sectors, and with time the portfolio offered will be expanded. In addition, various accessories are offered so that each client can put together the optimal solution for themselves. If there arequestions or problems, the va-Q-tec customer service team is available via a va-Q-tec hotline. For the time being, the store only serves customers from Germany. Other regions will be activated soon. 

Bildschirm mit geöffnetem B2B Shop

The high-tech boxes are all based on the same key technology which contains highly efficient insulating vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) in each wall of the boxes. This construction creates a “thermos in a box format. By inserting temperature storage elements (“PCMs”), which are available for different temperatures ranges between -25 °C and +25 °C, the box interior is adjusted to the required temperature. In this way, the thermoboxes maintain these temperatures for several days without the supply of external energy. This eliminates the need for special refrigerated vehicles to transport temperature-sensitive goods such as pharmaceutical products, chemicals or food. It is even possible to transport products whose storage and logistics require different temperature ranges in the same vehicle. By intelligently combining VIPs and PCMs, va-Q-tec has created various reusable products and solutions that save a large amount of packaging waste. 

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