va-Q-tec hosts s. Oliver Würzburg Basketball and their sponsor network

va-Q-tec had the pleasure to welcome and host the s. Oliver Würzburg Basketball and their big network of sponsors in the “Blue Hall” for this year’s team presentation as a kick off for a new season. The evening started out with interesting presentations from among others, Managing Director of s. Oliver Würzburg Steffen Liebler, about the DNA of the team, the new season and the club’s youth division. After this the s. Oliver Würzburg dance team performed and the new team was presented on stage. After the official part, va-Q-tec offered special imported ice cream from Italy in the team colors red and white, small games with basketball and table tennis, and a tour in the va-Q-tec facilities for those who were interested. va-Q-tec will be excited to follow the new season that starts the 26th of September in Oldenburg.