va-Q-tec focuses on disruptive technologies and revolutionizes temperature controlled supply chain in pharma logistics

  • va-Q-tec complements its innovative thermal packaging portfolio with cutting edge technologies to create smart thermal boxes.
  • The new premium service “va-Q-nection” enables faster and more precise visibility on the temperature report for temperature-sensitive freight.
  • The technologies now presented are part of va-Q-tec’s “TempChain 4.0” concept: Smart Thermoboxes, BlockChain and Big Data are combined to an outstanding services that is completely new in the industry.

Würzburg, April 24th, 2020. va-Q-tec, pioneer of highly efficient products and solutions in the field of thermal insulation and TempChain logistics, presented groundbreaking digital innovations on 22 April 2020 at the opening of the virtual exhibition stand “Digital TempChain Booth”.

va-Q-tec develops and produces packaging systems which, can maintain temperatures independently of the outside temperature for up to ten days. Thus the company has the essential competences to design the TempChain 4.0.  In this disruptive concept, va-Q-tec combines its proven and innovative thermal packaging with cutting edge technologies and supplements its portfolio with additional digital services. Temperature-controlled logistics (TempChain) processes will thus become even easier, more efficient and safer.

Central element of the TempChain 4.0 concept is the TempChain Service Software (TSS). The intuitively operated platform offers the customer the possibility to centrally track and control in real time the entire logistics process – from the order of optimally pre-conditioned boxes and containers to the automated return of the box at the end of the order. This brings enormous advantages: For example, customers can access, analyse and visualise a wide range of data at any time. Errors can thus be avoided right from the start. If a problem nevertheless occurs, all those involved can react quickly. This prevents temperature deviations and further increases the safety of the pharmaceutical products. Loss of valuable temperature-sensitive transport goods due to interruption of the TempChain is virtually eliminated by automating the process steps. With the help of the software, the customer saves valuable time and thus also costs. 

As a newly introduced part of the TempChain 4.0 concept va-Q-tec now offers the optional premium service “va-Q-nection” for its Smart Boxes. With this new offer va-Q-tec makes it easier for its customers to secure the TempChain by precise and traceable real-time temperature monitoring. The combination of three components makes this worldwide unique service possible: The TempChain Service Software, the va-Q-nection App and the Bluetooth data logger permanently installed in the boxes are digitally connected within a cloud solution.

To protect logistic data against fraud, va-Q-tec integrates BlockChain technology in its services as a second innovation. For example, temperature data is stored decentrally on different servers. Every modification of the data record is documented and traceable, making forgery or data manipulation impossible. The company thus guarantees its customers maximum transparency and data security.

va-Q-tec also uses logistic Big Data generated during the transport, such as the outside and inside temperature, the humidity inside the containers or the location of the box, to monitor the transports even safer. The company optimizes its processes on this basis using artificial intelligence. This makes the company’s fleet management even more efficient and reliable.

Dr. Michael Schüle, Global Head of IT at va-Q-tec, comments: “By using intelligent software, va-Q-tec can further increase the transport security for temperature-sensitive goods. With this we set a benchmark for the industry. Our integrated combination of methods from Big Data, BlockChain technology and Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the industry and enables us to provide our customers with a completely new and unique service offering. This helps us to ideally exploit the full potential of our TempChain solutions and we are thus coming closer to our goal of fully automated temperature-controlled logistics”.

To get more information about the TempChain Service Software and va-Q-nection follow this Link:

Graphic: Temperature-controlled logistics supported by va-Q-tec’s Premium Service va-Q-nection: After placing the order with the help of the TempChain Service Software (TSS) the SmartBox leaves the TempChain Service Center (TSC) optimally pre-conditioned in the direction of the shipper. The shipper places the goods in the box, the data logger is automatically activated. The recipient of the shipment can read-out the data with the va-Q-nection app on his mobile device and receives the detailed temperature report via email. In addition, the report is uploaded to the TSS. After the return of the Smart Box to the TempChain Service Center the box passes the strict quality control and is then available for the next shipment.

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