va-Q-tec expands temperature and performance portfolio for Lufthansa-Cargo’s new vaccine transport service

A close partnership between Lufthansa Cargo and va-Q-tec has existed for many years and is now a decisive basis for mastering the mammoth task of the global Covid vaccine distribution. To handle this challenge internationally with the greatest possible security as well as the fastest speed, Lufthansa Cargo has launched the new Covid-19 Temp Premium service. The fully autonomous, passive thermal containers (va-Q-tainer) from va-Q-tec are a fundamental part of this.

va-Q-tainers are the only passive solution within the scope of this service. They can keep all the different temperature ranges from -80 °C to+ 25 °C constant inside the containers. Only then is complete coverage of the negative temperature ranges possible, which is hardly possible with active solutions. va-Q-tainers are absolutely self-sufficient and independent of external energy sources for at least five days.

The special temperature stability of va-Q-tec’s thermo containers over several days is ensured by the combination of two key technologies. First, they are insulated with vacuum insulation panels (VIPs), which is why their mode of operation is similar to that of a thermos flask. Secondly, the temperature inside is generated through the use of special temperature storage elements (PCMs), which cover different temperature ranges from -60 °C to +25 °C. For lower ranges down to -80 °C, a small amount of dry ice is used.