va-Q-tec expands its TempChain service network with additional international locations in Scotland and the USA

va-Q-tec offer its clients a quick global availability of its transport solutions as well as reliable, safe temperature control during the logistics of temperature-sensitive products. In order to further expand this proposition and to be prepared for the mammoth task of distributing the Corona vaccine, the German company is continuously expanding its worldwide network of service stations (TempChain Service Center – “TSC”). In September, two new TSCs opened in Kansas and Glasgow. The opening of additional four stations on three continents is planned for the upcoming months.

The expansion of the network will further optimize the global availability of va-Q-tec’s container and box rental fleet. Currently ten thousands of boxes and containers are moving between the more than 30 different TSCs worldwide. There, they are desinfected and individually prepared according to clients’ requirements: The interior of the box or container is preconditioned for the required temperature range with va-Q-tec’s temperature storage elements (phase change materials – “PCMs”). In addition to this process, the TSCs are also used for quality control using the patented va-Q-check system: In order to ensure the optimum temperature holding time of the high-tech transport containers, the vacuum insulation of each box and container is thoroughly checked before re-shipment. This standardized quality assurance is indispensable, especially for the transport of the Corona vaccine at temperatures as low as -70 °C: va-Q-tec is an absolute pioneer in the field of low-temperature logistics. Extremely low temperatures can only be kept reliably constant over long transport routes and durations if the insulation of the transport containers is in perfect condition. This flawlessness is guaranteed by va-Q-tec’s testing procedures: Only when strict controls have been fulfilled, the transport container or box is released for transport. But the containers and boxes do not only convince by their excellent insulation values: So-called temperature storage elements (Phase Change Materials – “PCMs”) allow different temperature ranges between +25 °C and -40 °C to be kept safely inside even for several days – without using dry ice. By using it, even constant temperatures of down to -70 °C are possible. This variety makes in most cases va-Q-tec’s products the only available solution in the low temperature range.

In addition to these strict quality controls, the rental containers and boxes are now also pre-conditioned “ready to load & go” in TSCs in Glasgow, Scotland and an additional station in Kansas, in the Midwest of the USA. This means that the high-tech containers are prepared for the temperature range required by the client prior to shipment. This ensures an unbroken temperature chain throughout the entire transport period. It is extremely important to protect the vital contents: modern RNA (ribonucleic acid) vaccines require a controlled and constant cold chain in the absolute low temperature range to ensure efficacy. In the worst case, incorrect temperature control can lead to the harmfulness of the product.  With an estimated worldwide demand of about 10 billion vaccine doses va-Q-tec’s know-how is in demand – the company is ready. It already has done more than 50% of the international shipments of Corona test kits in Q2.