va-Q-tec excellently positioned to meet higher demands for thermal logistics worldwide

va-Q-tec, a pioneer of highly efficient products and solutions in the thermal insulation and TempChain logistics area, is further expanding its international activities. One reason for this is growing global demand for the transportation of medicines, especially in regional distribution. The requisite “TempChain” – i.e. the temperature chain during storage and transport – must be stringently adhered to for drugs in order to guarantee their effectiveness. Already today, 32 of the top 50 drugs are subject to stringent temperature control – and this proportion is rising constantly. The “last mile” – the last mile from the wholesaler to the pharmacy or directly to the patient – often presents suppliers with major challenges.

The outbreak of coronavirus and associated quarantine measures in China as well as restrictions in other countries further underline the necessity for this technology. In Singapore, for example, the virus is leading many people to avoid leaving home or visiting hospitals due to fear of infection. Since the coronavirus outbreak, the number temperature-sensitive medicines delivered directly to end-users in Singapore has leaped. va-Q-tec’s innovative solutions are helping to maintain the supply of essential medicines.

In order to be able to guarantee the “TempChain” in countries with warm and humid weather conditions, such as Singapore, a unique transport box has been developed and equipped with special functions: the va-Q-med® Thermobox not only guarantees constant temperatures without permanent energy supply inside, but also protects valuable cargo from moisture. These transport systems can reutilized many times and are particularly environmentally compatible as a consequence. They can also be transported as a standard load with conventional courier vehicles, thereby saving costs and energy, as no special thermal transporter is required for city centers. This ensures secure and resource-saving last-mile logistics to the end-customer.

Thanks to its innovative solutions, va-Q-tec is the market leader in Singapore in the distribution of temperature-controlled drugs. The company is currently expanding its box fleet there and, due to the current increase in demand, is increasing its service level to permanent availability around the clock. Demand is great: several 100,000 school vaccinations per year alone must be carried out under controlled temperatures.

Christopher Storch, Global Head of Sales at va-Q-tec AG, believes the company is well prepared for the challenges of temperature-controlled drug distribution, including in the case of spontaneously arising needs: “Demand for stable-temperature transport solutions for pharmaceuticals is growing worldwide. We have many years of experience along the entire “TempChain”, from supplier through to the end-customer. With our secure, environmentally compatible, multi-purpose and consequently cost-effective solution, our experience is enabling us to further develop the Asian market with its frequently warm and humid weather conditions. Our technology can not only be deployed on the last mile, but is also available for large-scale pharmaceutical distribution internationally: a leading biotech company, which has been our customer for many years, has now clearly presented promising tests in the search for an active substance against coronavirus. We already handle most of this company’s air transport with our high-performance thermal containers, and can also rapidly provide transport solutions, including for vaccines.”