va-Q-tec and Finnair Cargo agree on global cooperation

va-Q-tec expands its global partner network with the largest Scandinavian airline Finnair Cargo. Now, the thermal containers are also completing the portfolio of the Scandinavian cargo airline. This is the first time that the German manufacturer of high-performance thermal containers has tapped into the Scandinavian market, thus further expanding its global network. But the airline’s clients also benefit from the partnership: Through the concluded Global Rental Agreement (GRA), they have access to va-Q-tec’s entire container fleet, which includes several thousand of the high-tech transport solutions. It is characterized by a unique performance and keep different temperature ranges between -80 °C and +25 °C constant inside for up to ten days – without the supply of external energy, such as refrigeration units.

Beladung des va-Q-tainers in ein Flugzeug

The containers move within a resource-saving rental system within a network of 40 stations worldwide, the TempChain Service network. As a result, the containers are now readily available on Finnair Cargo’s network between Europe, Asia and the United States. The new agreement with Scandinavia’s largest cargo airline further optimizes and expands the availability of va-Q-tec’s innovative transport solutions there significantly. 

Thanks to the optimal insulation of the container walls using vacuum insulation panels, temperature-sensitive goods are protected even from extreme outside temperatures between -70 °C and +80 °C. Due to their unique technology, the high-performance containers from va-Q-tec can not only cool but also heat the interior: The temperature inside is maintained by special temperature batteries (phase change materials – “PCMs”). This not only allows for a constant controlled room temperature (+15 °C to +25 °C) even when outside temperatures inside are very low, even during harsh Scandinavian winters. They are also able to keep even areas as low as -60 °C constant for several days without dry ice. Thus, va-Q-tec offers an extremely advanced solution to significantly reduce the CO2-intensive use of dry ice. This is because even for temperatures of -80 °C, far less of the hazardous substance is required than with conventional solutions.

“Finnair Cargo has a long tradition in temperature-controlled logistics and we are proud to operate one of the most advanced cargo facilities in the world,” says Fredrik Wildtgrube, Vice President of Finnair Cargo. “Working with va-Q-tec will broaden our offering and help us solve a wider range of customer logistics needs related to pharmaceuticals, food or other specialized cargo.”

Christopher J. Storch, Global Head of Sales for va-Q-tec, commented, “Our innovative high-tech containers are a perfect fit for the portfolio and operations of one of the most advanced cargo terminals in the world. They are the technologically leading and most advanced solution for the safe and reliable handling of temperature-controlled supply chains. We are proud to now count Finnair Cargo, one of the largest air cargo companies in the Nordic and Baltic region, among our network.”