va-Q-plan: va-Q-tec’s software solution for more efficiency in the construction sector

Due to their excellent insulating properties combined with low space requirements, high-tech insulation using Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) is also becoming increasingly attractive for the construction industry. The VIPs do not only ensure high energy efficiency in floors but also in walls and outdoor areas due to lower heating costs. Additionally, they support the demands of modern architecture by avoiding thick insulation layers and thus the so-called “loophole look” and also by avoiding unpleasant steps.

To support architects and planners in the use of VIPs for super insulation, va-Q-tec has developed the special installation software va-Q-plan. After placing the order, an individual installation plan with VIPs for the area to be insulated is created. In this plan, the individual panels are provided with position numbers, so that the installation can be done quickly and easily. Seven standard formats are preferred in order to keep costs and delivery times as low as possible. In areas that cannot be covered with standard formats, special solutions are used. In this way, almost 100% of the area can be covered with VIPs and thus optimum insulation values can be achieved.