US-General Consulate visits va-Q-tec AG

va-Q-tec hosted US Consulate General Mr. Timothy Eydelnant at his site in Kölleda on Monday this week. The US General Consulate for Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia visited various companies in the district of Sömmerda at the invitation of the President of the State Parliament Christian Carius.

CFO Stefan Döhmen and plant manager Thomas Schwab gave district administrator Harald Henning and Mr. Timothy Eydelnant a site tour and informed them about va-Q-tec’s disruptive technology, it’s outstanding energy efficiency, the extensive product portfolio and the wide range of possible applications.


Picture: US Consulate General Timothy Eydelnant with district administrator Harald Henning and plant manager Thomas Schwab at the Kölleda site of va-Q-tec AG



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