The next level of data security: va-Q-tec’s use of Blockchain technology

The Blockchain technology is regarded as the biggest revolution since the establishment of the Internet in the 1990s. It sets new standards in terms of data security. va-Q-tec uses its advantages to secure the logging of the temperature-controlled supply chain (TempChain) primarily for transports of pharmaceutical products. In times of more and more strict GDP (good distribution practice) guidelines this becomes more and more important. Pharma shippers must always prove the complete TempChain and thus the integrity of their products during shipment.

But how does Blockchain work and what are the concrete advantages for va-Q-tec’s customers?

First of all, data and information (e.g. order number, box/container ID, temperature range) within the Blockchain is not stored centrally on one server. Every information about the shipment is stored as a data block decentrally, i.e. on all computers connected in the network, and thus absolutely forgery and manipulation-proof. The information would have to be changed on all computers in parallel if it were to be changed afterwards. The data is additionally encrypted by so-called hash values.

This has several advantages for the clients. The proof of the unbroken TempChain in accordance to the GDP guidelines is extremely transparent and cannot be changed afterwards. va-Q-tec enables to optimally comply with those guidelines. The company collects and stores all quality-relevant data and makes it available to its clients – maximally protected by the Blockchain technology.

If you have further questions, please contact va-Q-tec’s customer service.