Strong partnership with Brandt Kühlfahrzeugbau for more energy efficiency in refrigerated vehicles

Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) are extremely versatile. They offer an innovative, highly efficient alternative to conventional materials in almost all areas where limited space is available but very good insulation performance is required. The refrigerated vehicle manufacturer Brandt now uses these advantages in many of its vehicles. This not only makes them more cost- and CO2-efficient but also saves valuable energy. Therefore, these vehicles are much more environmentally friendly than conventional refrigerated vehicles.

In the context of a partnership between va-Q-tec and Brandt, va-Q-tec’s VIPs are now proving their advantages in practical tests – and are convincing all along the line. The panels were installed in the vehicle floor, the sides and the ceiling of the refrigerated body and thus produce 40% improved insulation values. The result is that the installed cooling unit requires 40% less fuel. Temperature controlled logistics of pharma, food and other products is even more environmentally friendly. Thanks to the space-saving insulation, the refrigerated box also offers more space, which e.g. improves / accelerates the loading and unloading process.