Mainfranken Theater and va-Q-tec AG seal their cooperation

With the signing of the contract for the Theaterfabrik Blaue Halle, the new permanent outdoor venue of the Mainfranken Theater, is currently under renovation, the future State Theater and va-Q-tec AG officially sealed their cooperation on July 17th 

It offers space for almost 500 spectators, a large foyer and sanitary facilities designed for large events, wheelchair access, a connection to the public transport system with its own bus stop and parking areas for about 300 cars. va-Q-tec’s Blaue Halle, which will be transformed into a new unusual venue in Würzburg as “Theaterfabrik Blaue Halle” starting in the 20/21 season. The occasion is the current renovation and extension of the Mainfranken Theater. The conversion will be accompanied by a closure of the existing building from summer 2020 and will make a permanent outdoor venue for large productions and formats with orchestra necessary.  

With the signing of the contract on July 17th, the theatre management and the board of va-Q-tec AG officially sealed their cooperation, that had been planned and prepared together for more than a year. The director of the Mainfranken Theater, Markus Trabusch, was pleased about the upcoming event: “We are very excited to artistically discover a new place in Würzburg together with our audience. Stage creation lives and profits from the confrontation with new things, and I am sure that the Theaterfabrik Blaue Halle will be able to generate its own artistic impulses”.  

Dirk Terwey, the managing director of the Mainfranken Theater, welcomed the manifold possibilities on site: “On the premises of va-Q-tec AG in Würzburg’s Dürrbachau we found optimal conditions to present a qualitatively appealing infrastructure to our visitors and at the same time to meet the professional requirements of a theater business”. The Theaterfabrik Blaue Halle offers space for stage, orchestra pit and a large grandstand with plenty of space for the necessary backstage, storage and workshop areas.  

Trabusch and Terwey thanked the chairman of the board of va-Q-tec AG, Joachim Kuhn, for the unrestricted support and the warm welcome on site. Kuhn, who is also one of the founders of va-Q-tec AG, emphasized the importance of culture for entrepreneurs: “As a company we act globally, but at the same time we are consciously committed to the cultural diversity of the city and region at our headquarters in Würzburg. Culture is an important location factor also for the economy, from which we as entrepreneurs benefit. That’s why we want to give something back to the region with our commitment. va-Q-tec AG, a leading, internationally operating supplier of high-performance products and solutions in the field of thermal vacuum super- insulation and temperature-controlled logistics, was founded in Würzburg in 2001. The two-year establishment of the Theaterfabrik Blaue Halle on the extensive company grounds – the premises of the former Stürtz areal – occupies only a small section of the former Stürtz property and does not affect the company’s core business. 

Safe corona play operation  

The more than 3,300 square meters of space available to the Mainfranken Theater on the premises of va-Q-tec AG prove to be ideally suited even in times of special distance and hygiene regulations. From the point of view of the current situation, the stage plans to start the season in October with a reduced space and the implementation of a comprehensive hygiene concept. From the ventilation of the auditorium to the low-contact visitor management, it will offer theatre lovers a carefree and safe performance and concert experience in Würzburg’s Dürrbachau. Contact and thus potentially risky services such as catering or a cloakroom will not be available for the time being under the current conditions.