Impressive interim result: More than 310t test kits internationally shipped in va-Q-tec’s transport solutions

Companies from South Korea are still considered the main producers of Corona test kits. Most of them are so-called RT-PCR (Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction) test kits, which have to be transported at a constant -20 °C to ensure reliable diagnostics. va-Q-tec is known as one of the main players in their global distribution. In a close cooperation with one of the leading freight forwarders, Corona diagnostics has been supported worldwide by now 75 million people in 120 different countries – this corresponds to a transport volume of 310t. By this strong partnership the reliable handling of international transports within the required temperature range is ensured.

va-Q-tec’s partner expects an unbroken demand for the South Korean test kits in the upcoming months. Therefore the expertise in handling the thermal transport containers and boxes is continuously invested in the logistics centers to comply with the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) regulations that govern the safe and reliable handling of international logistics of temperature-sensitive products. va-Q-tec’s high-tech containers and boxes are ideally suited for this purpose: They are capable of maintaining the temperatures of -20 °C required for e.g. test kit transports for several days, independent of extreme outside temperatures and their fluctuations – without the need for external energy supply or the use of dry ice. This is often not permitted in large quantities in air traffic, which in many cases makes va-Q-tec’s products the only solution in the low temperature range.