TempChain Experts Panel Live Webinar 2021: Last Mile Distribution – Solutions for a green and unbroken TempChain

va-Q-tec invites you to the first Live Webinar in 2021 with the topic “Last Mile Distribution – Solutions for a green and unbroken TempChain”. TempChain expert Fabian Eschenbach, Head of Business Unit Healthcare & Logistics, va-Q-tec, will give a general overview of Last Mile Distribution and existing solutions for an environmentally friendly and unbroken cold chain. In addition, industry experts Julie Wolsak, Business Developer Health, PostNL Health, and Dr. Christoph Frick, Pharmacist and Head of Quality Assurance, kohlpharma, will enrich the event with case studies from different perspectives on Last Mile Distribution. Afterwards, all participants are welcome to participate in an open discussion.

Two live broadcasts will be offered:

  • Tuesday, 23.02.2021 from 10 – 11 am (CET).
  • Tuesday, 23.02.2021 from 16 – 17 pm (CET)

To participate in the webinar, please register in advance using this registration link: https://eveeno.com/TempChainExperts_LastMileDistribution