BSMA Virtual Conference 2020

With the annual BSMA Conference the Bio Supply Management Alliance offers a forum for knowledge exchange for the global healthcare industry. Due to Corona, this year key players from biotech companies, international transport companies, manufacturers and distributors of Covid-19 vaccines, among others, will meet virtually. Under the topic “Building a supply chain after the Covid-19 pandemic”, renowned experts will address the question of how the supply chain in the USA will change in terms of resilience, agility and sustainability after the pandemic.

Since va-Q-tec, as an elementary part of international supply chains, has been involved in the global shipment of millions of corona test kits, the company was able to gain valuable knowledge into the worldwide distribution of vaccines and beyond. va-Q-tec will participate in the conference and virtual meetings and will provide expert knowledge for its comprehensive product portfolio.

Event date: 22 – 23 October 2020