Air Freight Conference 2021 – Solving the Global Vaccine Distribution Challenge

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Developing the COVID-19 vaccine is only the first step in battling the pandemic. The next is distribution. This sets the world of logistics for a great challenge. Is the distribution according to plan? Europe has a vaccine shortage problem. What will the manufacturers do about it? Which solutions have been developed for the last mile distribution? And who is responsible for the distribution to poorer countries? These are the topics of the Air Freight Conference COVID-19 Vaccine distribution.

va-Q-tec will present itself as an international manufacturer of high-performance thermal packaging for the temperature-stable transport of thermally sensitive pharmaceutical, biotech and blood products or transplants. The primary objective of va-Q-tec is to effectively protect the customers’ products while minimizing the costs of the supply chain. This year, the conference is taking place virtually for the second time due to Covid-19. There will also be a guest speaker part from our specialist Fabian Eschenbach on the topic “High-performance packaging solutions – dry ice free even at -60 °C”.

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Event date: 23.03.2021