Air Freight Conference 2020

This year, the Air Freight Conference 2020 will take place virtually under the theme “Solving the global vaccine distribution challenge”. The development of the CoVid-19 vaccine is only the first step in the fight against the global pandemic. The next step is to distribute these vaccine doses around the world. This poses a major challenge for logistics, whose solution will be the topic of the online air freight conference on December 17 and 18.

Due to many years of experience in the transport of medicinal products, va-Q-tec is up to the task of a safe global CoVid19 vaccine distribution. Also the shipment of meanwhile several hundred thousand Corona test kits was carried out by va-Q-tec`s transport solutions under optimal conditions, whereby the company was able to gain valuable knowledge. As one of five sponsoring partners, va-Q-tec will demonstrate its expertise in the logistics of temperature-controlled transport in the negative temperature range when Frans Vriend, Regional Sales Manager, gives a short presentation on Thursday, 17.12.20 on the topic “Keep it cool! Managing temperature controlled packaging solutions covering all stages of the vaccine supply chain: from initial laboratories to the vaccination location”.

Event date: 17 – 18 December 2020