A success story: va-Q-tec’s rental business celebrates its 10th anniversary

In addition to the 20th anniversary of va-Q-tec, the rental business of thermal containers of the internationally operating company also celebrates a special anniversary this year. Within 10 years, the global network has grown steadily since the rental business was founded. Today, it covers almost 40 stations on six continents – and the trend is rising. Thus, even large transport volumes can be transported highly efficiently and with temperature stability in various ranges between -70 °C and +25 °C thanks to va-Q-tec’s unique technology.   

The history of renting high-performance thermal containers from va-Q-tec has been an international success since 2011. At that time, the need for safe, high-performance options for reliable temperature-stable transport of various pharmaceuticals increased sharply as the biotech industry experienced a strong boom. va-Q-tec initially met this enormous demand with its thermal boxes. However, customers soon started requesting passive pallet-sized containers for rent as well, which is why va-Q-tec started building its rental network and continuously increasing its fleet of va-Q-tainers. Now, more than 3,000 high-performance thermal containers move between the 40 TempChain service centers and 500 drop points distributed internationally. From the very beginning, global dispatching has been controlled from Rochester in the UK, in the immediate vicinity of London.  

Not least due to the Corona pandemic and the mammoth international task of temperature-controlled logistics for vaccines, va-Q-tec again significantly strengthened its production capacities since 2020. The employees significantly increased the fleet size through their tireless efforts in 3-shift operation over 7 days / week. To date, all containers as well as all individual components are manufactured in Germany in a climate-neutral manner in compliance with the highest quality standards.