Coronavirus Operational Update

Coronavirus Operational Update

va-Q-tec is closely following the current developments caused by the fast spreading Corona Virus (COVID-19). The company has set up a cross-functional Task Force including the management board. Its members continuously review the everchanging situation and are well prepared to make quick decisions and take actions to ensure the company‘s global operations and services – especially because va-Q-tec is part of the life-saving pharmaceutical supply chain.

Top priority is given to the health and safety of va-Q-tec‘s employees as well as keeping up the proven premium service and availability of VIPs, PCMs, small boxes and va-Q-tainers. The company is committed to the best possible support to serve its clients demanding requirements. This is enabled by va-Q-tec’s fully integrated value chain and unique inhouse production of its products’ core components (VIPs and PCMs).

This page will constantly be updated to keep all our clients and partners informed about the latest developments.

  • In case of any further questions that are not answered on this page, please do not hesitate to contact va-Q-tec’s global team.

Morning Briefing


March 27th



International partners and government organizations confirm va-Q-tec’s system relevance for the global pharmaceutical supply chain. The company wants to continue fulfilling this role. va-Q-tec maintains the operation of the production sites, the global subsidiary offices and the TempChain Network.


March 25th

va-Q-tec continues to be in a position to fulfill 100% of container rental orders despite advancing challenges in global logistics.

March 24th

  • The production of VIPs, PCMs, boxes and va-Q-tainers is fully running in a multi-shift model and supply of materials is secured for the coming weeks.
  • The global TempChain Network for container and small box rental services is in full operation and Customer Service worldwide is fully available.
  • A solid Business Continuity Plan secures full operations at va-Q-tec’s global Container Rental head office in Rochester, UK.

March 20th

Despite an imposed mandatory “stay at home” order in California and potentially upcoming measures in Pennsylvania (USA) va-Q-tec’s TempChain Service Centers are fully operational and the local service teams are available without any restrictions.

March 19th

All TempChain Service Centers (TSC) within our global TempChain Network are fully operating allowing us to provide our serviced rental solutions without restrictions.

For our container rental clients:

Special pricing conditions are granted for selected lanes and container types – please reach out to your global contacts for further details.

March 18th

 va-Q-tec has put in place its Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for its operations globally:

  • Both production sites in Germany are fully operating and working independently from each other
  • Raw materials and components for all major products are stocked for the next months, stock is continuosly filled up by the current supply chain
  • Worldwide Customer Service is fully available


Special support for va-Q-tec’s container rental clients:

  • As of today full service and availability of va-Q-tainers is given within the global TempChain Network despite of significantly reduced airfreight capacities
  • va-Q-tec is ready to find flexible solutions for clients facing challenges to return va-Q-tainers in due time – Please reach out to your va-Q-tec contact for further details
  • Special fees are temporarily waived: cancellation fees (not applicable for dry ice shipments), express and change order fees