In the press

In the Press

va-Q-tec and the media

Numerous publications regularly report about va-Q-tec. We have collected a selection of media coverage for you. 

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va-Q-tec in “apotheken markt ” 

va-Q-med implemented by kohlpharma

va-Q-tec in “Börsengeflüster” 

Performance takes on shape.

va-Q-tec in “Der Aktionär” 

va-Q-tec was featured as the “hot stock” of the week. 

Tipp der Woche: va-Q-tec 

The Finance Magazine Capital Depesche featured our share as “Tipp der Woche”.

va-Q-tec in “Börse Online”

va-Q-tec was featured in this week Börse online as the “hot deal” of the week.