Social engagement

Social engagement

We pursue a holistic approach to sustainability, which includes not only social but also ecological and sustainable aspects of responsibility. We do not regard this as consisting just of recommended actions to be undertaken on a voluntary basis, but rather as an essential part of our corporate DNA.

Support of the region and people

We are aware of our social responsibility. We therefore make a variety of positive contributions to society. Cooperations with educational institutions such as the University of Würzburg and the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences are just as important to us as supporting various initiatives to educate young people, especially in the STEM subjects. The promotion of top-class sports and culture is also important to us.


60% of energy consumption in industrialised countries is accounted for by thermal applications (heating and cooling). By using our innovative basic technologies, Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) and PCMs (Phase Change Materials), we enable our customers to save large amounts of thermal energy and thus make an active contribution to climate protection.