Enthusiasm for technology at a young age

Enthusiasm for technology at a young age

The promotion of STEM education for children and young people is of particular importance within our social commitment.


The association Initiative ‘junge Forscherinnen und Forscher e.V.’ (IJF) is supported by us in the promotion of STEM education. It supports children and young people in the scientific and technical fields, opens up educational opportunities and thus makes its contribution to securing STEM professionals. As part of the initiative, we inspire children and young people to pursue scientific careers by means of descriptive factory tours. We use clear examples to convey scientific principles and their relevance to everyday life.

Jugendforst 2

The well-known competition “jugend forscht” (youth research) challenges and encourages children and young people to deal with STEM topics, awakens the spirit of research and the creative solution of scientific problems. We support the school competition not only in monetary terms – we are also available as scientific jurors for the organization of the regional competitions. The event has also taken place in our event hall several times.

Smart pfad

We are a proud partner of the “Smart Path Odenwald”, a 15 km long nature trail between Mudau and Amorbach in Franconia. It is Germany’s longest scientific and technical open-air trail with 45 play or experiment stations, an initiative launched by the Joachim & Susanne Schulz Foundation. We are one of the regional sponsors who have contributed to the realisation of this project.