Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

va-Q-tec supports regions and people

For us, small business means corporate responsibility and that we engage in social projects in our region and beyond. We support and participate in various initiatives and projects every year to invest in the future of our society.

Creating excitement for technology 

Apart from our co-operation with universities and technical schools, contacts to schools are very important for va-Q-tec. Each year we offer numerous tours of our company to allow students a glimpse into our business. These also strengthen awareness for environmentally friendly and effective insulation materials with many different applications.

va-Q-tec also supports the project “Kinder und Technik” (Children and Technology) of the Fördervereins Lisele e.V. (Lisele Association). With va-Q-tec’s financial support, the ElisabethenHeim e,V. Würzburg (Elisabeth Home Würzburg) was able to purchase play materials that promote logical thinking in children and adolescents and that introduce them to technology in a playful manner. Through our engagement in “Schülerprojekttagen” (student project days) together with the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Würzburg especially gifted students from Lower Franconia in Bavaria were encouraged to experience the academic world of mathematics and information technology first-hand.

va-Q-tec supports the project „Würzburg – Stadt der jungen Forscher” (Würzburg: City of Young Researchers), which aims to awakens young people’s interest in scholastic work through its multifaceted approach with events like student competitions. The project reaches almost 80 schools in the region.

va-Q-tec is proud to be one of the partners behind the “Smart Pfad Odenwald”, a 15 km long trail that runs between Mudau and Amorbach in Lower Franconia. The trail is Germany’s longest science and technology open-air adventure trail and has 45 play/experimentation stops along the way.  It is the Joachim & Susanne Schulz Foundation that are behind the initiative and va-Q-tec is one of many regional sponsors that have helped realize the project which goal is to promote young people’s interest in science and the outdoors.

Sustainable relief projects in developing countries


va-Q-tec not only creates vacuum isolation panels, it also processes them into highly efficient thermal transport boxes that keep a constant temperature for several days without electricity. These are primarily designed for transporting temperature sensitive and vital medication as well as medical samples.

va-Q-tec has already donated many high tech boxes to the Missionsärztliche Institut Würzburg (Medical Mission Institute Würzburg). As part of our cooperation with Bugando Medical Center in Würzburg’s partner city of Mwanza, Tanzania, thermal packaging has been introduced to transport temperature sensitive items like blood samples and medication there.

va-Q-tec also supports humedica and Action Medeor with donations urgently needed for reliable, temperature stable transport solutions for international, humanitarian relief efforts, as medication can become useless if transported incorrectly.