Case Study kohlpharma

kohlpharma is one of the largest importers of patented and prescription drugs in Europe and the long-standing market leader in Germany. As a parallel trader, kohlpharma imports low-priced medicines from EU countries and sells them to pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmacies in Germany. In the future, several thousands va-Q-med® transport systems will now ensure that kohlpharma’s customers receive their medicines at the accustomed top quality thanks to constant temperatures during transport in the particularly critical 2°C to 8°C range. va-Q-tec commands a lot of experience in handling large transport volumes, having supplied Swiss Post with the first high-performance thermoboxes for the transport of pharmaceutical products for pharmacies from as early as 2017.


The Made-in-Germany thermal transport systems are insulated with vacuum insulation panels (“VIPs”), which va-Q-tec produces as a technology leader in the thermal insulation area. Equipped with phase change materials (“PCMs”) va-Q-med® thermoboxes can ensure an inside temperature of 2°C to 8°C for 48 hours and more without battery and electricity. Thereby the last-mile-distribution is secured without temperature deviations directly to the recipient. Unlike conventional one-way packaging or cost-intensive transports with special refrigerated vehicles, va-Q-med® transport systems are reusable and consequently very environmentally compatible. By enabling transportation as a standard load on conventional courier vehicles without refrigeration, thermoboxes also make the transport of pharmaceutical products cheaper and less energy intensive.

Dr. Joachim Kuhn, CEO of va-Q-tec AG, comments: “With the va-Q-med® box we aim to make the future of pharmacy and last-mile logistics more cost-efficient, safer and more sustainable. Germany alone has almost 20,000 pharmacies that receive temperature-sensitive supplies several times a day – mostly delivered by refrigerated vehicles at the moment. With our solution – which is unique in the market – we are helping to make courier traffic more efficient in inner-city areas with heavy traffic. With kohlpharma, we have acquired as a landmark customer THE pharmaceutical importer in our home market of Germany.”