va-Q-steel, the latest development in vacuum insulation panels, is a fumed silica panel for extremely low and extremely high temperature applications. The va-Q-steel panel is manufactured with a completely new and unique production process. The utilized stainless steel foil offers enormous advantages in terms of mechanical properties and ensures excellent performance over the entire lifetime. In addition va-Q-steel consists of non-combustible materials.
Typical application areas are furnaces, battery insulation, laboratory equipment and in the construction industry.

Advantages of va-Q-steel

  • Temperature resistant from up to -196 °C to +400 °C
  • No inflammable component (consists of only non-flammable materials)
  • 100% quality control with the patented gas pressure measurement system (va-Q-check)
  • Low thermal bridge due to optimal panel design
  • Best insulation value at extreme temperatures over the entire lifetime for insulation panels bades on fumed silica

Properties of va-Q-steel

Thermal conductivity (λ10 ° C): <0,005 W/mK
Thermal conductivity (λ300 ° C): <0,0080 W/mK

Density: 300 – 420 [kg/m³] accordnig to DIN EN 1602

Maximum 1.000 x 500 mm
Minimum 150 x 150 mm
Thickness 10 – 20 mm
(other sizes on request)

Technical information are average values only and may vary depending on actual conditions of use. Please contact us for more details. 

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