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Thermal solutions for the mobility of the future

Due to their thin and flexible construction, our vacuum insulation panels make completely new applications in modern motor vehicle and air travel development possible. Our space saving and light weight panels can for example significantly increase energy efficiency in cars and refrigerated commercial vehicles.



The application possibilities with va-Q-tec’s VIPs are endless. The thin panels with very high insulation properties and various shapes are ideal to insulate cars. 

It is possible to reduce energy consumption and save space by for example insulating batteries in electric cars which will prolong the battery  significantly by reducing wasted energy.  

Commercial Vehicles

The challenges in commercial vehicles are to achieve a better insulation value, reduce the energy demand, curbing the refrigeration machine’s CO2 emissions as well as lowering operating costs; all while maintaining the required structural stability. 

One of the applications of VIPs are the integration into a PU foam systems which increases the energy efficiency of the reefer trailer by substantially improving the K-value.



Increasing energy efficiency, saving space, increasing passenger comfort and reducing complexity are four of the main challenges in modern aircraft. These can all be solved VIPs from va-Q-tec.

By using superior insulation panels from va-Q-tec in galleys, cabin structure and other parts of the aircraft it is now possible to make walls thinner and more energy efficient at the same time.


Like with other vehicles space and weight is crucial for boats and ships to be optimally build. VIPs advantages can be a huge benefit to increase energy efficiency and insulate ships with minimal space wasted. 

The various shapes and materials va-Q-tec produces VIPs in, makes application possible where the conditions can be difficult and at places where sizes are not standardized.    


Rail transport

In addition to space and weight requirements, the temperature insulation challenges in rail transport relate to particularly outstanding mechanical stability and low thermal conductivity. In addition to their resistance to long-term vibrations during travel and their proven fire safety suitability, VIPs meet all requirements of modern insulation for the railway industry.

va-Q-tec’s VIPs were recommended within the project “Energieeffizienz von HLK im öffentlichen Verkehr” (trans. „Energy efficiency of HLK in public transport“) in 2019 regarding their suitability for installation in trains. The aim of the project was to significantly reduce the high energy consumption for heating, ventilation and cooling (HLK) in the train interior. It was shown that insulation with VIPs reduces energy expenditure by more than 25%.

Further Applications

Our recommendations range over various industries and contain individually designed solutions for any thermal challenge our clients have. va-Q-tec’s thermal engineers are ready to consult and advise you from the first inquiries to the final implementation of the VIPs.

Andere Anwendungen

Advantages with VIPs from va-Q-tec:

  • Superior lightweight insulation performance
  • Large selection of 3D-forms
  • Low insulation thickness - optimal use of space
  • Increasing comfort
  • Customized solutions for many applications
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Enables downsizing
  • Passing established fire protection requirements (FST, HL3, etc.)

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