Application Examples for H&L

Application Examples for H&L

Merck KGaA / Germany

More than 200,000 biotech product shipments worldwide

Accomplished goals:

  • Components: EPS-shell, vacuum insulation panels, cool elements
  • Simplified handling and low risk design
  • One configuration for any season

The National Health Service (NHS) / United Kingdom

Temperature controlled transportation of blood components (red blood cells, platelet concentrate, etc.)

  • Covers National Blood Service blood component transports in England
  • Outer fabric bag which provides all required handling advantages (Health and Safety regulations, colour coding, labels & logos, barcode window, document wallet)

F.Hoffmann – La Roche:

Deviation-free clinical trial delivery service (2°C to 8°C, 72 h, IMP shipments)

Benefits and results:

  • 3 sizes: 8 litres, 12 litres and 24 litres
  • Easy handling
  • Robust and low weight