Facade element

Facade element


Parapet elements, also known as facade elements, facade sandwich elements or insulating glass, offer a further application possibility in building insulation with our vacuum insulation panels (VIPs). These elements consist of two cover layers – for example, glass or metal plates and a VIP layer in between. A spacer surrounds the elements at the edge.

To avoid thermal bridges, the spacer should be chosen carefully:

Figure 1 shows VIPs combined with a thermally optimized spacer, thus minimizing thermal bridges.

Figure 2, on the other hand, shows that a poor choice of spacer increases thermal bridges (red).

Our VIPs prove their practical advantages, e.g. in the Grand Tower, Frankfurt am Main. Further information about this exciting object can be found here.

Wärmebildkamera Fenster
Figure 1: Minimal Thermal Bridges
Wärmebrücke mit Alfolie
Figure 2: Thermal Bridges