Business Areas

Business Areas

va-Q-tec offers high-performance thermal insulation solutions for various industries and in all areas of daily life. With more than 15 years of experience va-Q-tec is able to assist with any thermal challenge. VIPs are the future of high-performance insulation and can meet space-saving, energy efficient, long-lasting and zero temperature deviation requirements. va-Q-tec’s high-tech and innovative solutions can be applied across many different industries. 

Healthcare & Logistics

Do you need the right thermal packaging solution for transporting your temperature-sensitive products? We supply companies worldwide with our superior products and solutions that make the TempChain easy, reliable and safe. 


With our innovative thermal boxes, a food safe, uninterrupted cold chain can be provided for a variety of foods from bakery products to meat and fish. It is our top priority to provide thermal boxes that meet the specific needs and requirements of the food industry.


va-Q-tec is one of the worlds leading VIP manufacturer for the refrigeration and freezer market. Customers choose va-Q-tec as their partner because of our space-saving, highly efficient and high quality VIPs.


As a pioneer in the vacuum insulation industry, we develop innovative insulation solutions for new constructions and renovations. Our VIPs offer a high insulation effect, enormously reduced insulation thickness and a modular structure for various sizes and shapes.

Technics & Industry

We offer VIPs with various core materials, films and shapes. In addition we are able to individualize our space-saving and energy efficient insulation solutions according to any specific requirement of any industry.


Thanks to the thin and flexible construction, our VIPs enable completely new applications in modern automotive and aviation development. Our space-saving and lightweight panels can significantly increase the energy efficiency in any vehicle.