Balkony & Wintergarden

Balkony and Wintergarden


Vacuum insulation panels generally insulate 5 times better than conventional insulation. Insulation systems with VIPs on balconies or conservatories help avoid different floor levels and can increase the room height as they only take up 2cm of space.

va-Q-tec’s thin vacuum insulation panels (VIP) allow for an easy highly efficient insulation of balconies and conservatories. Heat losses and energy costs are effectively reduced.

When installing the panels, special care must be taken to ensure that no moisture (e.g. rain) penetrates into the area around the panels. Do not use any alkaline, hydrous construction adhesives as these do not dry well and can damage the sealing seams.

Short-term effects of high humidity do not cause problems for our VIPs. High and persistent relative humidity should however be avoided as this has a negative impact on the sealing seams and reduces the service life.